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We as FASESA are a young but growing intiative with the aim of bringing space exploration to the African classroom, wherein the majority of learners have barriers of entry to the vocation through lack of access to information and resources.

FASESA is an independent academy that specializes in creating innovative and cutting-edge solutions that advance Space Exploration & Literacy in the Curriculum.

Driving systemic change while promoting organizational success. we aim to empower and equip all African students to be catalysts in the field of Space Exploration, and encourage them to breakthrough systematic barriers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM.

The world is at the cusp of the digital revolution, and as humanity as a whole makes leaps and bounds in the technological and digital spaces, Space Exploration subjects have become more a necessity than a simple vocation.

With the simple principle that Space Exploration subjects are forming the core fundamentals of future societies, The Future African Space Explorers STEM Academy's core mission is to develop a series of learning resources and deliverables that model the use of the Legacy Model within the context of space education. The program will form a self-sustaining professional development network among African high school students, high school teachers, education officials, and experts to reach and utilize Space Exploration and robotics resources for future professional development. The program will also develop Space Exploration to research and disseminate the processes and impact of the planned enrichment experiences and opportunities for African students.

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Through technology, the world has become a global community and nations have become less segregated. To play a meaningful role and have a substantive contribution to global policy and initiative, it is vital for a nation to have world-class systems and thought leaders in sectors and industries that are shaping the future.

As evidenced by the recent leaps and strides in space exploration by the likes of Sir. Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos, space exploration is an expanding vocation that will provide vast socio-economic benefits to a nation.

FASESA understands that cultivating an interest in space exploration begins at a young age. Through introducing the vocation to children, then guiding them and equipping them with the resources and skills to explore the subject further, will greatly increase a nation's ability to produce thought leaders in the field, who will form the basis of future space programs.

Recognizing, the urgent need to expand the workforce pool of space professionals of underrepresented groups in initiative. This program is a 5-10 -years commitment that includes Workshops where high school teachers learn how to develop 2-3 space-building activities to incorporate within their physical classes; and high school guidance counselors coordinate a space career day. The goal of designing and implementing these space activities will be achieved by bringing teams of high school teachers, administrators, and African officials together to expand this sub-population to consider space occupations and promote interest will be realized through:

  • Recruiting high school teachers and guidance counselors to participate in this program and work with our team of experts on learning various space projects, methodologies, and pedagogies for teaching space concepts.
  • High school teachers design and implement 2-3 space activities to be integrated into their classrooms to promote student interest and awareness of space exploration.
  • High school guidance counselors organize a space career day for parents and students and include space careers in their advisement.

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The project aims to create a curriculum and learning environment that will foster interest and create an engaging learning environment for students. Through this approach we aim to create interest and passion for Space Exploration subjects in children, increasing the number of kids who eventually follow these vocations. With an emphasis on Space, we aim to introduce kids to the endless career possibilities in the vocation and create interest in the field. Once the interest has been created, we will then nurture, educate and guide the kids, giving them the necessary tools to earnestly pursue the varied career opportunities in the field of space exploration. Our holistic approach will focus on not just creating smart leaders but the community and thought leaders whose aim will make a meaningful contribution to the betterment of the community as a whole.


This project aims to target students' grades K-X, and will allow students to be in contact/ in relation with Space Professionals. The concept is to give a top-down vision from strategic, economic, technical perspectives and opportunities for employment in the Space sector.


The expected outcome of this project is to spark student interest in their culture through increasing their engagement in Space Exploration through their academic subjects, afterschool club, or summer camp activities. To increase students' consciousness about their culture in their field of interest. Additionally, to form a self-sustaining professional development network among high school students high school CS teachers, education officials, and experts to reach and use Space Exploration and robotics resources for their further professional development.