4 - 10 October 2022

New Government Complex,
Lusaka, Zambia

Event Details


Space Week is a fantastic addition to any primary school’s calendar. It can be a great way to promote science across the school as the subject of space links to so many aspects of the primary science curriculum for all year groups. Space is also a vibrant context for cross-curricular learning which captures children’s imaginations.

Space week Zambia will be a collaborative effort with stakeholders such as the ministries of education, technology & science, the ministry of Tourism Zambia, space agencies, global space technology, and exploration industry leaders.

Space week will offer an immense opportunity to African educators, administrators, officials, policymakers & students in getting acquainted with space exploration, space science education, and networking with each other. This unique event will serve as an Introductory model, transferable from primary – High school, and lead to deep space contributions and social engagement from future space leaders. This event will also allow us to gather vital insights regarding the practicality and value of the FASESA academy.

About Space Week

Space exploration is an emerging global megatrend and recent developments in space travel may be setting the stage for a striking new era of Space Exploration and technology advancement. As evidenced by the recent leaps and strides in space exploration by the likes of Sir. Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos, space exploration is an expanding vocation that will provide vast socio-economic benefits to a nation.

FASESA understands that cultivating an interest in space exploration begins at a young age. Introducing the vocation to children, then guiding and equipping them with the resources and skills to explore the subject further, will greatly increase a nation's ability to produce thought leaders in the field, who will form the basis of future space programs.

Our teachers and students need to know and understand what the Space Science Sector is and the career opportunities it offers. '"Space'' does not mean they have to be an Astronaut. The impressive development of Space Applications gives immense opportunities to those who study IT, Agronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition, Geography, Medicine, Law, Management, Communications, Electronics, Physics, and so on.

Who Should Attend?

  • Teachers
  • PrIncipals
  • Students
  • Career Guidance Counselors
  • Ministry Of Education, Technology & Science Officials
  • Space Agency Representatives
  • Aerospace Professionals
  • Policymakers
  • Corporate Stakeholders