The Workshop

Do you know what satellites are and how they work? How do they take those images, and what are they used for?

This workshop will introduce STEM youth to Earth observation and remote sensing and give them insight into how we use imagery sent to Earth daily by satellites in space.

Scientists, government, corporate companies, and mines all have a mission in common, loving Earth from space.

Satellites orbit around Earth to help us monitor change and plan for disasters. We use satellite images for future planning, such as weather forecasts, erosion, flood damage, farming, maps, etc. In this workshop, STEM youth will get to see satellite images through FarEarth Live Observer, visit a real-life antenna, and have the opportunity for a Q&A session with subject matter experts working in the industry.

Let’s learn!

Objectives Of The Workshop

The goal is to introduce students to Earth observation & remote sensing, offering insight into various techniques and tools used in Earth observation.

Workshop Learning Outcomes

  • Motivate and inspire students to enhance their literacy & competence in sciences, technology, engineering & math (STEM disciplines)
  • Inspire students to consider pursuing a career in the STEM field, particularly in the space domain.
  • Promote awareness of the importance of space research, exploration, and applications in the objectives of modern society and the economy.


  • Information session and sharing knowledge about Earth observation and remote sensing using software and a live satellite observer.
  • Explaining the career opportunities after STEM studies.
  • Showing the STEM students a real-life antenna

Who Should Attend

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Career guidance counsellor
  • Space enthusiasts